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associative * collaborative * purpose-driven

In a Nutshell

Profit-maximization has to be replaced by sense-maximization. And only by being-connected-with-each-other “sense-ible” things can arise in consequence.

I accompany and am accompanied by these connections. On the levels which can and should contribute decisively to the whole.

Through association, the human being connects with another; and the plannedness of the whole arises through the reason of the individual.

(Rudolf Steiner, “The threefold social order”, GA 23, p.17 ff)


Participation in Supervisory Boards within the Trade Business
Support of Start Up companies in the start-up phase (process maturity)
Mentoring and coaching in ERP company-wide projects at top management and project management level

associative * collaborative * meaningful

Learning path


Started in retail → learned in business consulting → felt sense in the organic sector → arrived in associative networks.

  • 2000: Diploma Industrial Engineering (FH Nordakademie, DE).
  • 2001-2011: Business consulting, including 4 years in Italy (Milan).
  • 2011-2018: Management within the organic industry (Alnatura), of which 4 years Head of the company Alnavit.
  • 2019-2021: Management within the investment association (Bio Development)
  • Jan ’22- today: chairman of the executive board of Biodina SA
  • Aug ’23- today: independent advisor

(content wise)

  • Head/CEO of two medium-sized (SME) companies
  • Responsible project manager for five medium and large – successfull – ERP company implementations in Germany and Europe
  • Consulting & steering support of several Purpose-driven companies in the organic sector

being connected


Member of Company Advisory Board
Chairman of the Executive Board



… further Mandates


Tel: +49 (173) 1309435